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Impacting Destinies
for Eternity

We are a non-profit organisation established in 2001, with a purpose to influence and create a movement of caring and empowerment leading to a hope-filled world to live in for many generations to come.

What is your eternal goal?

That is the question we ask ourselves, and it is the same question we would like everyone to ask themselves.
It’s the power in this meaningful question that leads to a life of purpose that goes beyond one’s lifetime.

At The Destiny Foundation, our purpose is to make an impact on people for their betterment and for their eternal destinies.

In a world of extremes, such as from economic, academic, peace, etc. our core belief and ethos is that we all have an opportunity and for most of us, we even have a responsibility to leave things in a better state than when we first came into.

Our modus-operandi is to channel generosity for an impact, and thereby creating the next level of organisation that pays eternal dividends.

Although we’re on a mission to impact many, our heart values the single one’s destiny.

Impact Areas


We believe that the family unit is one of the key foundations and if vulnerable family units are left as is, could experience the tension of separation and pulling apart. We believe that through the programs we create and partnering with the right Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) in this space, this foundational and timely unit can be rebuilt and strengthened. We believe that this in turn would lead to healthier and more stable children, a leading to stronger communities and nations.


There are over 350 million children living in extreme poverty around the world, and most missing the basic human rights that many simply take for granted.

We believe that the care and state of the people of tomorrow, will be the result of how the people of today, us, view, approach and take action.

We believe that through partnering with the right NGO in this space, these most precious innocent, children, can be supported, educated, strengthened, and have within them, hope.

As batons change from one generation to another, we believe that the children of today will lead, influence, love and be the producers in the world of tomorrow. Our view is that we, the present generation must go above and beyond to setup the next generation for the best possible world to live in.


It is said that with all the weight of the responsibility of leadership at the top, it is one of the loneliest places.

We believe that single mums raising children are akin to this, as most do not have adequate support to carry out this precious responsibility. For many, this is a place of constant chaos, restless pressure, sleepless despair, emptying hopelessness, draining exhaustion, crowded aloneness, and monumental expense.

We believe that instead of judging how or why these single mums are in their circumstances, we can care and support them. Afterall, their responsibility of leadership with their children will have a shaping impact.

We believe that through the programs we create and partnering with the right NGOs in this space, we can change the dial from the current dire state to one of safety, support and empowerment.


In a world full of images of glitz, success and having it altogether, we understand that many, likely even the masses, struggle from pain of abuse either in their past or even present. Abuse in any form, be it physical, emotional, sexual, financial, or spiritual, all create such shaping impact.

We believe that instead of turning our heads to the current excitements of life, the world needs more people who are non-judgemental and at the same time can turn their heads towards creating a space of care and restoration.

Abuse of a person has a deep-rooted impact that if simply left, grows, and can crush their souls, their worth and mental strength, and for the rest, likely foster a dual sided person, with success on the outside and pain on the inside.

We see a world of more people living and experiencing value, worth, respect and dignity. We believe in creating programs and supporting the right NGOs to help hurting people who have or are experiencing abuse, to travel their own and very personal journey of restoration.

Our Founder

Shane Muller is a business industry pioneer who has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology sector where he is leading initiatives to impact the destinies of anyone he encounters. Being chairman of The Destiny Foundation allows him to create a blueprint that can continue to make an impact over generations come. Throughout Shane’s ventures lives have already been impacted and he is driven through this foundation to impact 100 million destinies. Shane feels privileged to give his time, energy, and experience to aligned causes.

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