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Focused on innovation and leading edge technologies, Paladin AI is on a mission to better our society.

Building a better future

Paladin AI Ventures was founded in 2021 by the IT pioneer Shane Muller who believes that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, IoT and Blockchain – used for the right purpose – can provide significant benefits to society and meet current and future needs.

Our Ventures

Paladin AI’s first venture, Safewatch®, is a Mental Wellness Companion App with the foundational objective of enhancing the human element of care. Safewatch® serves as an innovative platform for the ‘Whole-of-Community’, where everybody collectively plays a part in addressing the mental wellness challenges in society.

With around 48% of the world claiming to not trust the use and privacy of their data, Safewatch® incorporates unique disruptive technology that stores data on a distributed network without any master or global administrative access. The foundational design ensures that even administrators or developers cannot view or access any data. This enables Safewatch® to confidently assert, “We keep your data private, even from ourselves!”

InspED is an impact venture where we embark on a transformative journey to reshape the educational landscape. Our mission is a call to action, focusing on the outliers within the education system—the ones who defy norms and grapple with fitting into conventional frameworks. Instead of labelling or diminishing these outliers, we believe in empowering them to harness their unique strengths, and creating a meaningful impact in their communities and world. InspED is an innovative EdTech venture that fuses inspiration with education.

Our Next Venture

Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing threats globally, continually crippling businesses, enterprises, and governments with significant disruption and risk.

To address the issue of ransomware around the world, we’re developing a highly sophisticated cybersecurity service that will make the risk of ransomware, redundant.

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